Conditions of Use

By purchasing and/or downloading designs, including free designs, from Primitive Keepers, You Are Agreeing To Abide By The Copyright Laws That Protect Them.

All of the designs listed under Primitive Keepers, are copyrighted and protected by law. By purchasing these designs you are agreeing to the terms of this copyright. The original purchaser has permission to use the "STITCHED OUT" designs for personal items, gifts, and items for sale. The artwork, photos, and digitized designs remain the property of the designer and/or the artist.

Please DO NOT copy, share, give away, trade, upload, email, repackage, bundle, sell or otherwise transfer or distribute any part of the designs, photos or artwork by any means or in any format without express written permission from Primitive Keepers. This applies to both FREE and PURCHASED designs.

Please refer your friends to this website to make purchases or download the free samples for themselves.

Minor alterations, such as changing colors and resizing, are permitted. You are free to sell or give as gifts, items with the "FINISHED" stitched out designs.

Primitive Keepers will not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of using any of these designs. If you have any questions, regarding these terms of use as stated, please feel free to contact us. . As with all electronic media, ALL SALES ARE FINAL .

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